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I created this site to provide relevant tourist information  to encourage people to create/plan there travel. I provide free advice and assistance if they need. In the last of this page  in Comments—write your view or your questions——-

For Indian Tourist Paris is a dream destination. I live in France and worked with Paris Regional Tourism Committee an official Government organisation.  So I  found when any person/Tourist arrived in Paris Airport they really need all information about Paris Visit. So I advice all , When they arrived in any  Arrival Terminal  , ask about Tourist Information Office. They will provide you Free information/Map of paris. You can buy tickets at official price there  i.e  Transport, Cultural and Monuments Visits, Open Bus and Boat tour, Events, Spectacles  etc.

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Key announcements for Indian tourists headed for France

To open France even wider to Indian tourists, the French government has decided to drastically ease visa procedures for Indian visitors. This facilitation is not only restricted to visa processing but also providing innovative information services especially developed for Indian nationals visiting France.

I) Visa processing:
a) Delivery of visas within 48 hours:

Tourist and business visas for Indians visiting France will now be delivered by the French consulates within 48 hours (2 working days). During his visit to India in July 2014, H.E. Mr Laurent Fabius, French Minister for foreign affairs, had announced this measure to be implemented as of 1st January 2015. A text message will be sent automatically to the applicant should there be an extension of deadline due to missing documents or inaccuracies in the visa application.
The number of visas delivered by French consulates in India has jumped by 33% in 2014 compared to 2013, with a total of 80,000 visas delivered from January to October – we expect to reach 90 000 visas delivered in 2014.

b) Creation of 8 new VFS centres:

H.E. Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France to India has decided to open 8 new France Visa Application Centres (VFS) throughout India from 1st December 2014 in addition to the 6 already existing centres. The new centres will be located in the following cities:
This extended network will enable French authorities to gain proximity to Indian applicants and to cater effectively to the increasing number of tourists wanting to visit France.
Visas will be delivered within 72 hours in these new centres, to take into account the necessary transportation of visa applications to the French consulates.

c) Visa application now possible from anywhere in India:

Any Indian citizen having his main residence in India can now apply for a visa from any VFS centre in India, (whereas, previously, applicants had to go to a specific VFS centre depending on their area of residence). This can be of great help for practical, individual situations such as a person living in one city but spending some time in another across India.

II) “ChaloParis” official travel app:

“ChaloParis” is an official travel app developed for smart phones and tablets, custom-made for Indian tourists planning a French holiday.

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